Laptop Specifications

Windows Laptop / Tablet

Minimum Specifications Laptop Tablet
Processor Speed Minimum 2.1 GHz Not Applicable
Operating System Windows 7 Open
Memory (RAM) Minimum 4 GB Open
Storage 250 GB At Least 15GB Available
Optical Drive Dual-Layer DVD+-RW Not Applicable
Video Card Open
Network Card Gigabit Ethernet Not Applicable
Battery Primary 6-Cell Lithium Ion Open
Microsoft Office Suite Student Version Open
Wireless Connectivity WiFi Required WiFi Required
Antivirus Norton Open

Apple Laptop

Minimum Specifications Laptop
Processor Speed Minimum 1.6 GHz
Operating System Mac OS 10.6.8 or Newer
Memory (RAM) Minimum 4 GB
Storage 250 GB
Optical Drive Dual-Layer SuperDrive*
Network Card Integrated Gigabit Ethernet*
Battery Lithium-Polymer Battery
Microsoft Office Suite Student Version
Wireless Connectivity WiFi Required
Antivirus Required 

If using a MacBook that does not have an Ethernet port or disc drive, please note that a USB Ethernet Adapter and/or USB SuperDrive is required. They do not come with a purchase of a MacBook Air/ProRetina by default.

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