All American University of Antigua students are required to have medical and emergency evacuation insurance while in Antigua. Students will be automatically enrolled and charged for this coverage at the beginning of each semester.

Please read the insurance packet available on the student portal that describes the coverage underwritten by United Healthcare Insurance Company. You can compare it to your current policy and decide what is best for you.


If you wish to waive the United Healthcare insurance coverage, your policy MUST include an emergency evacuation provision in the event of a medical emergency. Acceptable proof can be either a scanned front/back of student’s insurance ID card, or a letter from student’s insurance carrier. A letter from your insurance company that states that the emergency evacuation option is part of your insurance coverage during the registration process is also required. If you cannot produce proof of medical coverage, including emergency evacuation insurance, you will be billed for the contracted monthly third-party healthcare provider’s plan.


If you plan to have dependents with you in Antigua, you can enroll them in the health insurance program. You can pick up an enrollment form at the time of registration and send it directly to United Healthcare with your payment. We strongly encourage that all dependents have formal medical and emergency evacuation insurance while in Antigua.

If you have any questions about the coverage, please email them to bursar@ or call 1-212-661-8899, Ext. 773.

Please note: Medical insurance coverage is not available for citizens of Antigua and Barbuda.

Health Clinic

AUA has an on-campus clinic available to students. The clinic demonstrates the institution’s commitment to the welfare of the AUA community by providing convenient access to quality medical care. Available services include:

  • Counseling services • Vaccinations • Routine medical care and screenings
  • Electrocardiograms • Blood tests