On-Campus Housing

Sleep Sounder. Study Better. Get to Class Faster.

Our housing just got even nicer! Our brand-new, on-campus apartments are just a three-minute walk to class and are fully furnished. Enjoy free wi-fi, complimentary housekeeping once per week, and more!

  • 2 bedroom apartments with shared bathroom
  • 3 private bedroom apartments
    (1 bedroom with private bathroom)
  • 3 private bedroom apartments
    (2 bedroom apartment with shared bathroom)

Off-Campus Housing - Group I

Group I is our most upscale modern group. There are a limited number of one-bedroom suites as well as two-bedroom apartments. All have private bathrooms. Many have decks directly overlooking the ocean.


Mandalay consists of two bedroom apartments. Students have their own bedroom and bathroom. This housing facility is fully furnished and comes with the most up-to-date kitchen appliances and utensils. There are no desks provided at Mandalay. Apartments have an ocean view. Mandalay is within walking distance to campus.

  • Two bedroom apartment with two private bathrooms

Amor Villas

Amor Villas is composed of one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. This housing facility is fully furnished and comes with the most up-to-date kitchen appliances and utensils. Students have their own bedroom. Washers/ dryers are located only in the two bedroom apartments. A token operated laundry is located on the ground floor. Amor Villas is similar to Mandalay, boasting the same ocean views and amenities. Amor Villas is about a 5 – 10 minute drive to campus.

  • Two bedroom apartment
  • One bedroom apartment
  • One bedroom apartment with spouse

Jabberwock Ocean Villas

Three bedroom apartment with three private bathrooms Located directly across the road from the beach, this beautiful complex consists of three-bedroom villas. The property is just a short walk from campus, is along the bus route, and entry is through a boom-controlled driveway. A convenience store and popular local eatery are also close by, and the complex is monitored by a security guard at night.

Bedrooms are spacious with queen-sized beds, large windows, and individual bathrooms. Each villa features an ample kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator and gas fueled stove, open-plan dining and living areas, and laundry washer/dryer with shelf space. All villas have a front balcony and a charming fenced backyard grassland area.

Internet is included and available in all villa living room and bedrooms, however please note that students need to supply their own routers and Ethernet cables for WiFi. Jabberwock Ocean Villas are walking distance from the campus.

  • Three bedroom apartment

Off-Campus Housing - Group 2

Group II housing includes one bedroom, two bedroom or three bedroom apartment options. Most Group II housing units have a common kitchen and living room.

Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson is located in Dutchmen’s Bay, and provides an ocean view with beachfront living. There are two sections of the facility with two housing levels. All rooms have twin beds. There is a laundry room on the premises.

Two bedroom apartment with shared bathroom: This section of Lord Nelson has 10 ground level units each unit has two single bedrooms with a separate entrance for each bedroom. One entrance faces the water and the other faces the garden. Deposit early for a water front view. The bedrooms are quite nice in size. Each unit has a living room and kitchen area, and shared bathroom. The following apartments are also part of Group 2 Single housing: one second floor, apartment with two water front bedrooms and one 2 bedroom apt. with water views and a wraparound deck. Each apartment includes a bathroom, larger living area, and kitchen shared by two bedrooms.

Double occupancy with shared bedroom and shared bathroom: Three suites with eight double occupancy bedrooms (16 beds) All come with oversized living spaces and kitchens to accommodate four students or six students. One bathroom is provided for every two students. Deposit early for the best view. All Lord Nelson units are walking distance from the campus.

  • Two bedroom apartments
  • Double occupancy bedrooms

Studio 10

Studio apartment with private bathroom Studio apartment with queen bed and private bathroom with spouse Studio 10 is single studios, and only accommodates one student per apartment. The apartment is an open plan room containing a kitchen. There is no separate bedroom. The studio includes a double bed (4×6) with a private bathroom. Internet access and cable TV are included in the rent. Although internet access is provided and free, if you want wireless, you must bring or buy a router. You also need an Ethernet cable to attach your computer to the Ethernet port. There are laundry facilities on site with tokens available for purchase. Studio 10 is within walking distance to campus.

  • Studio apartment
  • Studio apartment with spouse

Sugar Mill

Sugar Mill is a modern, art deco inspired, gated complex. Sugar Mill has one bedroom suites, and two bedroom apartments. The one bedroom suite is a separate bedroom and bathroom, with an open plan living room and kitchen. Laundry service is provided by an external company that picks up and drops off the clothes to each person. Sugar Mill is walking distance to campus.

  • Single/Single Suite
  • Single Suite with spouse

Off-Campus Housing - Group 3

Group III housing consists of small apartment complexes. Rooms are available with private bath and kitchenette.

Lord Nelson

Two bedroom apartment with shared bathroom Single only choice is a two story unit, 10 beds on each floor all facing the water. The apartment is a private bedroom in two bedroom suite with a shared bathroom, kitchen (not communal), and living space. This is a cozy living space but with dramatic views right on the water. A flat screen TV mounted in living area. There is a laundry room on the premises. Lord Nelson is walking distance from the campus.

  • Two bedroom apartment
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