Varun Nagpal


As you take your first steps toward a career in medicine, professors and medical students will often advise you to gain clinical experience before medical school. But why is this so important? Gaining clinical experience through pre-med jobs allows you to understand the healthcare landscape thoroughly and prepare for the challenges along the way.  In...
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How Many Volunteer Hours for Medical School
As students aim to become physicians, they must fulfill various requirements, including volunteer work. This service is essential for strengthening medical school applications and developing the necessary qualities in future doctors. Many applicants wonder how many volunteer hours are needed to impress admissions committees. This article addresses this question by discussing the importance of volunteer...
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Clinical experience is the cornerstone of medical education, providing aspiring physicians with invaluable hands-on learning opportunities that bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Aspiring doctors spend countless hours immersed in clinical settings, honing their diagnostic skills, bedside manner, and decision-making abilities under the guidance of experienced professionals. Understanding the significance of clinical...
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