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Update 4/8/2022:

Students who apply and are accepted to AICASA’s upcoming August 2022 class will join their fellow students, as well as AICASA faculty and staff, in person on our campus in Antigua.

Our Response to COVID-19

What precautions are in place at AICASA to prevent exposure to COVID-19?

AICASA staff have been working around the clock to diligently follow recommended guidelines provided by the CDC, WHO/PAHO, and Antigua’s Ministries of Education and Health. This includes:

  • Increasing routine cleaning and sanitizing by housekeeping
  • Increasing hand sanitizer stations throughout campus
  • Closing campus to all non-AUA visitors
  • Providing information to the student body about COVID-19 symptoms and safety procedures
  • Creating a special area away from the clinic with personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare personnel and potentially affected individuals to be safely evaluated
  • Limiting class sizes
  • Providing and requiring masks for everyone entering campus; along with COVID testing for all within the AUA community.

Will the college be providing face masks on campus?

Yes, reusable face masks will be provided for everyone on campus.

How is AICASA monitoring updates on the novel coronavirus?

We currently have a task force designated to monitor updates on COVID-19 and disseminating that information to students promptly.

What should I do if I start showing COVID-19 symptoms in Antigua?

If you start displaying symptoms, call the 24/7 COVID-19 hotline at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre at 268-462-6843. Medical staff answer calls at any time and can direct you to the appropriate resources. You can also contact the AUA/AICASA Health Clinic via email at clinic@auamed.net for guidance.

Will COVID-19 testing be provided for students?

All students will be required to provide a certificate showing they have tested negative for COVID-19. Secondary testing may be conducted on campus later in the academic period.

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