All students are required to reside in university-selected housing facilities when they begin their studies in Antigua, unless given explicit permission to live elsewhere at the university’s sole discretion.

Housing selections are available on a first-come, first-served basis based on when your deposit is submitted.

AICASA-selected housing provides incoming students the opportunity to live comfortably on the island while making informed choices about future living arrangements. During this time, students should become familiar with the island and view the different types of apartments and houses available, so they can make an educated decision as to where they will live during the rest of their time on the island.

AICASA offers a full range of housing choices, from a limited number of single- bedroom studios to two- and three-bedroom suites with fully equipped kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms. They are divided into three groups, depending on amenities provided. AICASA defines single rooms as bedrooms occupied by one person. Double rooms are bedrooms occupied by two persons.

All AICASA-selected housing comes with weekly housekeeping services. All students residing in AICASA-selected housing need to bring their own linens to Antigua. We suggest you speak to your New Student Coordinator for more information about your accommodations.


AICASA has contracted for reduced rates with an independent bus company to transport students to and from housing locations. Only students residing in AICASA-selected housing are eligible to purchase transportation passes for $300 USD per semester in the three-semester program. Students can also purchase 10 trip passes for $20 USD. Transportation is non-refundable nor prorated. Multiple scheduled pickups from housing to campus and back are available. Free transportation is also provided to and from the general hospital for student rounds from the AICASA campus.

Group I

Group I housing has the most upscale, contemporary rooms available, all with private bathrooms. There are a limited number of one-bedroom studios in addition to two-bedroom suites. They come with full-size kitchens and the most modern amenities. All housing is fully furnished and comes supplied with kitchen appliances and utensils. All have washing machines either in the

apartment or on the premises. All have televisions and are fully air-conditioned. Many have decks directly overlooking the water. Cable TV and Internet access are available for a fee. Some housing is within walking distance from campus or only 7 to 10 minutes’ drive by car. Electrical service is 110 AC.

Group II

Group II housing includes a limited number of one-bedroom studios. There are two- and three-bedroom suites, with single- and double-occupancy rooms with living rooms, eating areas and shared bathrooms, and all are fully air- conditioned. All housing is fully furnished and is supplied with kitchen appliances and utensils. Laundry facilities are on-site. Cable TV and Internet access are available for a fee. Some units are on or near the beach. Some Group II housing is within walking distance from campus or no more than a 10-minute drive by car from the campus and shopping facilities. Electrical service is 110 AC.

Group III

Group III housing consists of modern two-bedroom suites, one small apartment complex reserved exclusively for students and hotel-style accommodations. Both single- and double-occupancy units are fully furnished with television and are air-conditioned. Cortsland has a communal kitchen with full-size refrigerators and appliances. The two other housing facilities have fully equipped in-suite kitchens. Some apartments have private decks. Laundry facilities are on-site.

Cable TV and Internet service are available for a fee. Some housing is within walking distance from campus or a 15-minute drive by car. Electrical service is 110 AC, with the exception of Cortsland. You must bring adaptors if you are planning on living in Cortsland. The voltage is 220V.


Please click here for current housing fees.

What to Do

  • Best Beaches: Green Island, Turners Beach, Jabberwock Beach
  • Scuba & Snorkeling: Jolly Harbour, Jolly Dive Center, Deep Bay, Galleon Bay
  • Sailing & Boat Tours: English, Harbour, Wadadli Cats
  • Sports on Campus: Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball
  • Hear a Local Steel Band: Shirley Heights
  • Rent Your Dream Mega-Yacht: English Harbour

Good Eats

  • Best Breakfast: Garden Grill, Trade Winds
  • Best Pizza: La Bussola
  • Best Veggie Burger: Paro *
  • Best Sandwich: Subway *
  • Best Vegetarian Restaurant: Mama Lolly’s *
  • Best Burger, Salad, and Gelato: The Larder
  • Best Local Fish: Beachlimerz, Papa Zouk
  • Best Place for Parents to Pay for Meal: Cecilia’s, Le Bistro
  • Best Italian: La Bussola
  • Best Bar: We’re sure you’ll have fun figuring that one out
  • Best Place to Get Fast Food at 2am (falafel anytime): Casanova


  • Best Coffee: Olive Branch *
  • Best Ice Cream: Australian Ice Cream

        * Conveniently located on campus

Temporary Driver’s License

You can purchase a temporary driver’s license from the Car Rental Agency or Coolidge Police Station (268-462-3185) at a cost of EC$50. You will need to present a valid passport along with a valid driver’s license (overseas). The temporary license is valid for three months only.

The temporary license can also be purchased from the ABTB (Antigua/Barbuda Transport Board) at (268) 460-8300

Emergency Numbers

Ambulance - 911

Police - (268) 462-0125

Hospital - (268) 484-2700

Campus Health Clinic - (268) 484-8900 ext. 1562

Dr. Kastuk - (268) 764-0164
Campus Counselor &
Professor of Behavioral Science

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