Group 3 Housing

Group III housing consists of small apartment complexes. Rooms are available with private bath and kitchenette.


Cortsland consists of single units and double occupancy bedroom units. Each unit comes with a small refrigerator, desk, and television. All rooms have full size beds. There is a swimming pool and lanai area near the front desk where students can access the internet at no charge until 11:00 pm.  Individual rooms are internet capable. There is a community kitchen with stove, convection oven, and sink; each student has access to locked pantry space as well.  There is a laundromat on the premises. Cortsland is within walking distance to the Woods Mall. Electrical voltage is 220V at Cortsland. Please make arrangements to bring a transformer/electric converter.

Cortsland is about a 10 minute drive by bus to campus.


Lord Nelson: Single only choice is a two story unit, 10 beds on each floor all facing the water. Room is a private bedroom in two bedroom suite with a shared bathroom, kitchen (not communal), and living space. This is a cozy living space but with dramatic views right on the water. A flat screen TV mounted in living area. There is a laundry room on the premises.

Lord Nelson is within walking distance to campus.


Anchorage Inn is a single studio, and only accommodates one student per apartment. The apartment is an open plan room containing a kitchenette. The beds are full size. There is a pool on site. Anchorage Inn does not have laundry facilities on the premises, but it does provide a laundry service, which charges per load. Anchorage Inn is a brisk walk to Dickenson Bay and is close to First Choice Supermarket and a deli.

Anchorage Inn is about a 15 minute drive to campus.

*Per Semester