AS in Health sciences

AICASA provides the ideal program for students seeking to get on the MD track directly from high school.

2-Year Associate of Science (AS) in Health Sciences

The two-year program provides students with all of the college-level courses typically required for admission into most U.S. and Canadian medical schools, as well as American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine — in only four semesters. Students spend the four semesters on the beautiful and secure island of Antigua.

The program emphasizes the development of critical think­ing skills. Upon successful completion of the AS degree, qualified students who attain a minimum cumulative GPA set by AUA College of Medicine, may enroll in AUA College of Medicine's MD Degree Program*. In addition to opening up the door to the AUA MD program, an AS degree can also prove useful as a foundation for careers in the health sciences and related areas, and as an aid to further studies in the sciences.

*Degree conferred by AUA College of Medicine. AUA and AICASA are two wholly separate educational institutions.