Admissions FAQ


Will the upcoming August 2022 (fall) semester be on campus?

Yes. Students are expected to join AICASA faculty and staff, as well as fellow students, in person on our campus in Antigua for the August 2022 (fall) semester.

Are SAT scores required to apply?

United States applicants to the August 2022 term and future terms will be expected to submit their SAT scores as part of the admissions process.

SAT and ACT scores from students from CARICOM and other foreign graduates are not required but encouraged.

When should I submit my tuition deposit?

In order to reserve their seats, students should submit their deposits as soon as possible after acceptance. This allows us to start assisting you with financial aid, housing, vaccinations, and other travel arrangements.

Will my admissions interviews be delayed by COVID-19?

Admissions interviews will not be impacted. AICASA continues to work around the clock with all candidates virtually.

What campus facilities will I have access to?

Students will have access to all areas of AICASA’s campus, including the gymnasium, library, food court, study areas, and small group rooms. Social distancing will be employed as appropriate.

Are campus tours still open at this time?

In order to keep the community safe, there are additional requirements for entry to campus for a campus tour. Please email if you are planning to visit and would like to learn about our campus tours. Please get campus approval prior to travel.

What travel restrictions are in place for Antigua?

Procedures regarding travel to and from Antigua are subject to change. To stay up to date, please refer to the latest travel advisory from Antigua & Barbuda.

All students coming to campus will be required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. 

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